We power
LEV logistics

AI-powered PalmoDMS helps LEV fleets increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver more with less.

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Increase efficiency
Deliver more with less by planning better tours and utilising your fleets' capacity.
Reduce costs
Let Palmo handle dispatching and free your team for other, higher value tasks.
Improve performance
Drivers get automated support and LEV routes to deliver more - from their first day.


The Delivery Management System for businesses that operate LEV fleets.

Powered by optimisation algorithms and AI, we help operators consolidate  parcel volumes, automate their dispatching and get to scale.

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Use a single system
for all your work

Palmo seamlessly integrates parcel data from various APIs, spreadsheets and scanners on the ground.

Data fusion & consolidation
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your dispatching

Palmo learns from your drivers and dispatchers and uses that knowledge to help you improve your operation.

Extensive manual capabilities
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Empowering drivers with
Co-pilot and LEV routing

The AI-fueled app provides drivers with essential information about their delivery & optimal routes.

Palmo learns from your drivers
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We power electric
delivery fleets in cities

Palmo works best with light electric vehicles, but can also be used for electric vans and other vehicles.

CEP & Parcel Delivery

Large parcel volumes, particularly ecommerce, that need to be delivered efficiently and at scale.
urban warehouse


Clothing, electronics, and many other things that are delivered directly from stores in the city.
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Our Vision

Building the software layer for sustainable city logistics

We are on a mission to bring sustainable logistics to our cities and reduce the externalities of last mile delivery.

About Palmo
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