We make electric delivery fleets competitive

Real-time optimisation technology that allows operators to reduce costs and deliver more with less.

The Palmo AutoPilot
vehicle with bolt
vehicle with bolt
2x efficiency
Improve your utilisation and deliver twice as much per rider.
Reduced costs
Save the cost of a dispatching team and let the AutoPilot do the work.
Improved focus
Dispatching is time-consuming. Free up your team and let them focus on your clients & riders.

The Palmo AutoPilot

Powered by our cutting-edge optimisation algorithms, we automate the dispatching of electric delivery fleets and optimise their routes in real-time.

Simple integration with your existing delivery management system,
no migration required.

1st feature gif

your dispatching

The AutoPilot monitors your operation and
automatically pools and assigns orders to your riders.

Focus on more important tasks
1st feature gif

Superpowers for your
dispatching team

Prefer to dispatch manually? No problem. The AutoPilot
will suggest efficient routes with batched orders.

Improve your operation
2nd feature gif

Customise your
dispatching algorithm

Every delivery business has its unique properties,
and you can reflect those in the algorithm.

Adjust on a Team level
3th feature gif

We power electric
delivery fleets in cities

Palmo is designed to turbo-charge a plethora of urban delivery models on light electric vehicles.

Quick commerce

Groceries, medicines, gadgets, you name it. Speed & delivery in less 30-120 minutes.
man on bike


Clothing, electronics, and everything else you buy in shops. Usually delivered in a pre-scheduled time window.
man on bike in city

Ecommerce & Parcel Delivery

Delivering parcels sustainably and quickly from within the city. Orders with cutoff times of 3h+

Want to see a demo?
Electric bike in city
Our Vision

Building the software layer for sustainable city logistics

We are on a mission to bring sustainable logistics to our cities and reduce the externalities of last mile delivery.

About Palmo
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