About us

Sustainable logistics for our cities

We are on a mission to radically improve the way billions of parcels move through our cities.

The Innovations

urban warehouse
Delivery from within the city
Palmo LEV
Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)

City logistics is far superior to the existing last mile

We are witnessing explosive adoption and many of the largest brands in the world are already on board.

less CO2 emissions
cheaper to operate
faster delivery

We are building the
software layer for city logistics

A marketplace that will enable shippers to connect to a single API and get millions of their parcels moved seamlessly through major cities, do so sustainably, and at a fraction of today's cost.

multiple LEVs

We also offer tailored consultancy services for urban logistics fleets

  • Delivery area optimisation
  • Electrification & LEV implementation
  • Integrations of merchant APIs
  • Scheduling & resource planning
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